Danny's Live Bait Wholesalers of dew worms, dillies and neon night crawlers

Danny’s Live Bait has been a proud supplier to the North American live bait market for over 30 years. We are specialized in the year-round distribution of Canadian night crawlers or dew worms throughout the U.S. and Canada. Our focus on this staple of the fishing market, allows us to maintain an exceptional level of quality and consistency in the product.

We achieve this by overseeing the entire production process from sourcing through to packaging, while relying on our years of experience within the live bait industry. We purchase worms picked only from reputable farms where harvesting is done in fields of hay and soybean, which provides the largest and best quality night crawlers. In addition, we operate a large refrigerated facility that allows us to store larger spring worms to provide good quality product throughout the hot summer months. Next, we rely on a dedicated and experienced staff of counters and packers to ensure the final product meets standards.

Finally, we have our own fleet of transport trucks, and maintain control over the entire distribution process, ensuring prompt and efficient delivery to the customer.

At Danny’s Live Bait, we stand behind every purchase with a personal guarantee of satisfaction.

Danny's Live Bait